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Off-Road Headquarters

It all started with the age-old phrase, “You get what you give”. Thanks to that philosophy, a passion for off-road sports, and more than 40 years of experience in Oshkosh, we have transformed a small engine shop into THE Off-Road Headquarters of Wisconsin! We are proud of what we have accomplished as a community and we are ready to take this to the next level! As this off-road movement sweeps the nation, we are actively committed to helping riders squeeze the full potential out of the THOUSANDS of miles of off-road trails in the great state of Wisconsin.

Machine Go-Over

We were astounded when we found out many other places don’t offer a full go over of your machine before you take it home. When you invest in us, the go-over is one of your first treats. He tells it like it is and you will be smarter as a result. From brush guard to brush guard, your machine will be the back of your hand before you pull it home.

Off-Road Riding Workshops

So you have a UTV. Now what? One of the first steps is a Team Winnebagoland Off-Road Riding Workshop. We provide the food for the meet & greet. You provide the butt for the seat. A presentation from Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA) is the main event with such favorites as how to find trails, when to ride them, trails vs. routes, and many more. It’s a free three-hour event that prepares you for planning a trip up north.

New Rider Initiation

UTV. Check. Destination. Check. How about meeting us up there for your first time? At the Schoolhouse Bar & Grill we cover the specifics such as map reading, hand signals, and trail etiquette before we hit the dirt. Pick from three groups based on preferred riding pace and we will show you where to go, what to look out for, and how to have an absolute blast. After lunch you are free to be an experienced rider on your own. Show your friends!

Team Winnebagoland Guided Rides

If we had a nickel for every time we heard a UTV enthusiast tell us they don’t know where to ride, we’d be rich. Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA) offers some great information online but it can be confusing, especially for new riders. So how do you hold someone’s hand all the way to the trail...? By doing exactly that! We host multiple group rides throughout the year that allow ATV and UTV riders alike to hit the trails without worrying about routes, dinner, or sleeping arrangements. We ride in all seasons and all weather and we make all of our best friends this way.

Team Winnebagoland Meet Ups

As off-road vehicle popularity rockets into the clouds, we are overflowing with ideas about how to entertain our guests in the mud. A Team Winnebagoland Meet Up is a place and time where riders can meet to show off their new toys and meet other Wisconsinites with the same interests! Meet Ups are more casual than guided rides and allow riders to come and go as they please.

Trail Grant Program

One of the best (and most fun!) ways we have found to help our local off-road communities is offering grant money to ATV clubs for off-road trail needs. In 2017 we donated more than $7,000 to local ATV Clubs to fix groomers, link separated trails, add new routes, and supply other important luxuries that would not have otherwise been possible. To learn more about the program, apply for a grant, or follow along as we announce each winner, visit our website!

Wisconsin’s Off-Road Headquarters

The future of trail riding is unclear, but if we have anything to say about it, there will be a UTV for every household by 2030. We are THE place to go for new or used trail machines machines, parts, gear, apparel, trail conditions or maps, friends, and smiles for Wisconsin trail riders. If you are an off-road enthusiast, keep both eyes on Team Winnebagoland in the next year as we build a home for all of our off-road comrades.