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Used Motorcycles Milwaukee WI

In the midwest, motorcycle culture is unique. Our passion reaches further because we know what it is like to be stuck inside on a winter day. Because of the weather, we start counting the days until we can get back on two wheels from the second we poor fuel stabilizer into the tank in the fall. Some people call it crazy. Some people call it insanity. If you think it’s both, you’re right. We love Wisconsin because we love the people here. If you are looking for a used motorcycle in Milwaukee, we encourage you to make the trip up to Team Winnebagoland in Oshkosh WI. Sure, we have the largest inventory of used vehicles in the state, but we are also just as passionate as you are about motorcycles and we can prove it!

We Carry All Brands!

Whether it be Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, or Harley-Davidson, you will find it here at Team Winnebagoland. We are a Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Triumph dealer, but when it comes to our used sales floor, we are anything and everything. With hundreds of bikes on our floor and in our local warehouse, we are confident you will find something you want to pay for. We carry sport, supersport, touring, off-road, standard, and everything in between. Not sure what you like? Team Winnebagoland is the best place to find out within a thousand miles!

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Certified Pre-Owned

When we say used vehicle, we aren’t talking about that “too good to be true” bike you found on Craigslist. We’re talking about certified pre-owned motorcycles that are in perfect working order complete with a 45-day warranty, no questions asked. Each and every bike that comes through our store gets new fluids on day one and then again on the day you are ready to ride it home. Coming from Milwaukee, you will be able to put your bike to the test on HWY-41 South during your ride home. Let’s be honest, you’re not going straight home anyway, right? Come see us today at Team Winnebagoland in Oshkosh WI! If you have any questions, you know where to find us!

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