Warriors Ride Hawthorne WI

ATV UTV Off-Road Swap Meet

Meet up with Luke, Tom, and the rest of the gang on Friday, March 2nd for some free riding camaraderie! On a hunt for uncharted territory(not really), we will be exploring the Douglas County trails for the afternoon. These beautiful trails are well worth the 4.5 hour trip from Oshkosh!



March 2nd is no coincidence! The day after is the 8th Annual Warriors Ride, a yearly fundraiser ATV/UTV ride to help support the brave men and women of the United States military and you can count on us being there too!


Our group will meet in the parking lot of the St. Croix Inn in Salon Springs, WI. Use the map below to find us or ask Siri to help you!


Around 11:30 AM, or whenever we get tired of waiting around, we will depart from the St. Croix Inn to do some free riding for the day! Follow us if you might need our experience or go your own way like Fleetwood Mac! 1130 AM


Stick around on Saturday for the Warriors Ride to support our armed forces! Click here for more information!

Lodging Options

If you want to stay Friday night for the Warrior Ride, try one of these hotels!

St Croix Inn
Solon Springs, WI
*Very Limited Availability
Swanson’s Motel
Solon Springs, WI
*Very Limited Availability
Hayward, WI (40 mins)

We will also be spending the night on Friday and participating in the 8th Annual Warriors Ride on Saturday, March 3rd!


We won't keep you on a leash, we just want to know who is coming so we know what to expect!