Boat Dealer Oshkosh WI

Boat Dealer Oshkosh WI

All aboard! Team Winnebagoland began as a motorcycle dealership in the 1970s but has evolved to be one of the best places to buy a boat in Wisconsin. Team Winnebagoland is a certified dealer for Yamaha, G3, and Suncatcher boats as well as Kawasaki and Yamaha personal watercraft. We specialize in Yamaha wakeboard jet boats and also carry the latest fishing and pontoon boats from G3 and Suncatcher, respectively. If you are looking for a boat dealer in Oshkosh WI, stop in to see us today, just 15 miles south of Appleton WI.

New Boat Center 2018

New Boat Dealership Near Appleton WI

Because we have had so much success serving the local boating community, we needed some more space for boat operations. Our new boat dealership is right next door to our powersports building on Green Valley Rd and is a state of the art boat dealership and service center, servicing all brands of boats for the community that has taken great care of us for the last four decades.

Boat Service Center Oshkosh WI

Boats come in all sizes. We have found that some of them are pretty big! With our new boat and watercraft center, we have ample room to keep our team comfortable and our customers satisfied with flawless, timely service. Whether you need maintenance, repair, winter preparation, or storage, call us today at 920-233-3070. Anchors away!

Yamaha Jet Boats

Yamaha Jet Boat Oshkosh WI

Yamaha is a premiere manufacturer of jet boats, perfect for recreational activities such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing. Using the same propulsion technology as a jet ski or a waverunner, Yamaha jet boats are quickly transforming the way we go boating.

G3 Fishing Boats

2017 G3 Angler V3 Oshkosh WI

There are many ways to catch a fish and G3 is on top of all of them. Whether you are looking for a small bass fishing boat or a top of the line center console shark slayer, you won’t be disappointed by what G3 has to offer. Stop by today to get hooked!

Suncatcher Pontoon Boats

2018 Suncatcher Elite 326 C Oshkosh WI

Boating and family go hand in hand. Suncatcher is all about comfort and luxury with its line of elite pontoon boats, perfect for relaxing in the sun, tubing, or fishing! Suncatcher pontoon boats do it all and we are excited to be your local dealer for all things Suncatcher.

Personal Watercraft

2017 Kawasaki SX-R Jet Ski Oshkosh WI

They say it is impossible to frown on a Jet Ski. After many years of dealing and using Yamaha Waverunners and Kawasaki Jet Skis, we have found this to be true. Whether you are looking for a stand-up Jet Ski or a three person Waverunner, Team has you covered.

Local Boat Shows

Chris Corey and Justin At WBAY Boat Show

We think boat shows are fun and a great way to educate consumers about boats and personal watercraft. You can find us in Green Bay in February for the WBAY Boat Show or in Oshkosh at the Main Event Boat Show in March. We also host our very own boat show at TJ's Harbor Restaurant in Oshkosh! Visit our schedule of events to learn more!

Inflatable Paddle Board Oshkosh WI

TJs Harbor Boat Show Oshkosh WI

On The Water Boat Show Oshkosh WI